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Exporting Swiftlet Nest to The Global Market

See the processed product results of fostered swiftlet farmers from Markas Walet across Indonesia

Markas Walet Pioneering on Swiftlet Nests Ecosystem

Eco-friendly Technology Swiftlet Nest Ecosystem in Indonesia

Markas Walet Innovation to the Indonesian Swiftlet Nest Ecosystem

Markas Walet continues to contribute to innovation for Swiftlet Nest Ecosystem in Indonesia

Swiftlet House Maximum Harvest is Not a Myth Anymore! Use the Technology We Have Invented!

We offer construction service of a swiftlet house and the installation of room and sound design. In addition we offer maintenance service to maximize the harvest rate!

Our Value

Edu-Agri Tech

Through proper education and appropriate technology, swiftlet farmers will optimize the harvest of swiftlet nests

Social Impact

Our social mission is to create jobs and better opportunities for swiftlet nest farmers. We also aim to pioneer foreign exchange for our country


The market price of swiftlet nests is higher if the swiftlet house is traceable

Markas Walet

in Numbers

We have been active in the swiftlet nest farming industry since 2018. We focus on properly educating the farmers and increasing the market value of swiftlet nests by establishing a solid manufacture of swiftlet nests washing.


Markas Walet Training & Workshops

Markas Walet has organized national workshops in 20+ regions in Indonesia. Now we are thoroughly preparing for an international workshop.


Swiftlet Nest Farmers Joined


1 Ton

Increase in Export Quota

Markas Walet has been producing a total of 1 ton of edible swiftlet nests, of which 200 kilograms are ready to be exported globally.


Intellectual Property owned by Markas Walet


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Our Innovation

  • Markas Walet Apps

    Our app aims to help swiftlet farmers in improving their production quantity and overall quality. Apps provide swiftlet farming guides proven by experts and scholars to increase the harvest of swiftlet nests.

    Markas Walet Apps
  • Sensory Box Classification for Edible Birdnest

    Through this innovation, we are able to comprehend the types and shapes that are suitable for national standards and exports. In addition, our tool can also detect the moisture content on swiftlet nests.

    Sensory Box Classification for Edible Birdnest
  • IoT of BirdNest House

    We use high-tech cameras that accurately detect swiftlets entering and exiting the house. This camera is equipped with AI to separate the detection of swiftlet and other bird species. In addition, the swiftlet house utilizes multiple other tools to monitor or regulate the temperature and air humidity in the swiftlet house.

    IoT of BirdNest House
  • Renewable Energy for Birdnest House

    Our swiftlet house uses energy-cost and environmentally friendly materials that utilize sunrays directly. Swiftlet houses located in the middle of forests have better potential for effective renewable energy utilization.

    Renewable Energy for Birdnest House
  • Online Registration Traceability

    We utilize online registration to track and monitor our productโ€™s history. This system enable producer and consumer to track every stages, starting from harvesting raw materials to tracking the shipment and selling the product online.

    Online Registration Traceability
  • Enzyme for BirdNest Cleansing

    We use specific enzymes designed to clean swiftlet nests from contaminants without changing the structure of the nest or changing the quality. The enzymes are created with natural ingredients, thus it is perfectly safe as a cleaning solution.

    Enzyme for BirdNest Cleansing

Markas Walet Story

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